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Monday, December 14, 2009


so i sit here, listening to seeing sounds. and I wish you could actually see a sound.

like what would the sound of hurt look like? red? blinding?

Im tired of meeting representatives... bllaaahh..

so... my favorite song on rih's album.. is cold case love.

so as emotions- by destiny's child plays...

I hate to think about love. cause i don't feel like love has ever done anything great for me, besides break my fuckin heart. or make me question my self esteem...

so... i don't think im going to invest any emotion.

i just told my friend that.. I have a wonderful friend, but can't trust anything she says at all.. like she says she misses me, I hear her.. but i don't FEEL her.

I FEEL like..

its a waste of time..

please don't waste my time...

have a good day.

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