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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been slipping on my blogs, and now im back reading and writing them, but really i have been doing more reading than actual writitng, some of these blogs are compelling, like i really like to look in to someones life and actually try to duplicate the feeling that you read due to them typing it. words are amazing, and maybe that's why none of my tattoos are pictures but only words because i feel like words describe things so much better....

heres some blogs that i read DAILY.

Soooo on to the next subject...

casual sex?

So as of recently I have come up on a few girlies that think im pretty hot stuff.. im not going to put anyone out there like that or anything, but I do wanna say that I have never had sex outside of a relationship, or a mutual commitment up untill about a week ago. and it was so random but funny. lol. first time for everything right????

So being single and not wanting to commit or well... I don't see anything I would like to commit to... I think it's a strange concept , casual sex due to the fact that you actually don't have to care about the person that you sleep with, well just enough to do the "job" so to speak, and im really not about that, I don't like not connecting with people in that way unless its someone who can actually stay around, title or not. it was exciting... and fun... yes... but I mean.. come on.. how long can you casually sex before you get tired of this?

hence where my investigative skills kicked in. I asked my whore guy friends, and the jist of what these guys said is " im bored so i sex the ladies up, and then when im bored with that lady, I chase another"

which I mean... is fine, shit we all chase. lol. but I mean I don't wanna do all of this extra stuff to get to know a shorty and then move on and try to charm another shorty, yes i do have charm to spare and shit, but i mean come on damn.. like lol. I can't see myself just bringing girl after girl after girl after girl into my home and changing my sheets more than once a week. lmao. sorry. idk that's just my thouoght process.

At the end of the day, I mean if youre not married to someone does that constitiute as casual sex? I mean youre commited but not in the eyes of god, or a documentation does not state that you are together... maybe that is why girls go so hard on titles... I have been guilty of this as well, titles don't make things better, it jut gives someone a sense of security.... I guess.

Seeing that technology is fleeting and the fact nobody even calls anymore, its just that I honestly feel the art of communication is lost.. I find it strange that people only call when they cannot deciper a text message/bbm/facebook status or otherwise.

A girl asked me for my facebook information instead of my number, wow. isn't that strange? well to me it is...

Blah. whatever.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

find your love.

sooo yeah, as of right now i am really single out here. lol.

like i didn't know i really was like single out here, like girls at work, girls all over the place, are like making themselves available and now i see why some of my friends want to not be cuffed at all. lol. but for now, im working on finding me.

because finding me is important to me, and i still have some unfinished buisness with a few people, and im still working through my motions. which soon shall make me a better person and or better mate.

but for now, immm sinngglleeee. yeah imm sinngglllleeee... lol.

but i never felt this great about being alone, and like the possiblities are limitless im like super good and just excited about the potential changes that are going to take place, i really am looking into re-location because , for some reason its something that i cannot get off my mind.

this summer is going to be the bestest. :)

I hope yours is too!

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