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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

find your love.

sooo yeah, as of right now i am really single out here. lol.

like i didn't know i really was like single out here, like girls at work, girls all over the place, are like making themselves available and now i see why some of my friends want to not be cuffed at all. lol. but for now, im working on finding me.

because finding me is important to me, and i still have some unfinished buisness with a few people, and im still working through my motions. which soon shall make me a better person and or better mate.

but for now, immm sinngglleeee. yeah imm sinngglllleeee... lol.

but i never felt this great about being alone, and like the possiblities are limitless im like super good and just excited about the potential changes that are going to take place, i really am looking into re-location because , for some reason its something that i cannot get off my mind.

this summer is going to be the bestest. :)

I hope yours is too!

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