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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

its may...

"happiness isn't something you can buy.. it's something that you just have. and i think im ready for that" -Someone cool-

I have been dong a lot of thinking latley and im thinking that I like where i am right now, but as usauly i could be doing better... well i feel like i need to do better.. in certian aspects of my life....

but none the less, one thing that i am very proud of is making "solehead of the week" on my friends blog ill drop the information and the article when it posts on friday.

so saturday i went out and had a ball... i been drinking latley with my friends, im ususally the dd, but for the most part now they have to drive me around and its been cool, im deff taking advantage of it. i never have been a drinker but i see why people find it appealing.

latley i havent been doing much. just chilling, and stuff, cause from like 19 to 23 i worked myself to death , put myself through school and all that stuff, and it was a very very stressful period of my life. and now that that stress isn't really there as much as it used to be, so i actually get to enjoy things, now like i can ride to the beach at 3 am and stare at the stars with my friends because it's what i wanna do, i can learn the guitar cause i have time to. it's fuckin awesome, and it makes me smile.. just doing what i want following my heart. and just being open to things and having fun.

and i don't know why i am sooo aggy today. i woke up and easy was making me mad. but that's another story for another day. im ready to move. like i been thinking about it more and more, and i think relocation is for me, but im terrified i don't wanna fail or come back here. i don't want to look back, i feel like i need to go and explore i feel like im limiting my potential, and now that some of my circumstances has vastly changed im really ready to go. I asked my bro if i left would she come, and im going to ask my babyy daddy ry if he wants to move too.. cause i think we all feel the same way...

my left hand hurts... and it's been for a while, i didn't go to the hospital after the crash so maybe thats why it's hurting. my leg has spazams as well.. but i hate the doctors, and don't wanna go so... i guess imma just wait untill the situation is truly dire. lol.

i cant wait for the weekend. and just writing this made me not so aggy.. lol. thanks. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

why am. I up?

ughhhh can't stay sleep past 6am. wtf..... I'm hungry... and I thinking it's I might cook breakfast....but I'm kinda so imma drink this water. and take my ass back to sleep soon....

I brought a guitar online and it finally came the other day I have Ben tuning it for the past two days. and it finally sounds good not like crappy... yay meeeeee!

I have a book and I'm gonna see if I have time. to actually go to lessons. cause I wanna learn oh and I wanna buy myself a trumpet again. I used to play it. now might be a good time. to pick it back up.... I saw a purple one online ...

and I'm watching vh 1 Angel Taylor is kinda cuteeee. owwww. lol.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


whyyyyy the fuck is. it snowing in MAY. Anyways...I think I'm sick cinee said I'm sick lol but how would she know? she's a Not doctor lol wtffff...this android blogger don't. correct shitttttt and I cant goodmorning mufuckas.

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