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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

why am. I up?

ughhhh can't stay sleep past 6am. wtf..... I'm hungry... and I thinking it's I might cook breakfast....but I'm kinda so imma drink this water. and take my ass back to sleep soon....

I brought a guitar online and it finally came the other day I have Ben tuning it for the past two days. and it finally sounds good not like crappy... yay meeeeee!

I have a book and I'm gonna see if I have time. to actually go to lessons. cause I wanna learn oh and I wanna buy myself a trumpet again. I used to play it. now might be a good time. to pick it back up.... I saw a purple one online ...

and I'm watching vh 1 Angel Taylor is kinda cuteeee. owwww. lol.

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