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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

laying in the dark.

So I'm laying in the dark. I hear the tv. But imma turn it down.. so.. my mind is kinda wanderin because I don't know what to do. I love her. And.. well we fight so much. But like we have a good week and then a horrible fighting spree. I invited her over.. and it's still weird. Maybe I'm the reason we fight. Maybe my gaurd is up. But I mean I think its down I say things I normally don't and don't have the absoulte urge to call her all kinds of bittches.. I usually woulda been cussed her to no end and that woulda been that. Maybe my attention span is lacking.. but I do wanna be there. And when we fight I don't. I dnt like confrontation. And I do see a future. But I mean...


So. I am off for the summer what to do? I wanna road trip but I'm broke. I wanna do some stufffffffffffff.. idk. Gimme sum ideassss.. please. I wanna finish tatting myself too.. work of art. Hopefully. I can do it big this summer but I got some time and I need to hustle up...for the raging bull 5 packs... may 30 ... time is ticking away.. my mom wants to throw a bbq for her bday I wanna get sumthin nice. Idk.

Ideas please...

Later dayz.. hey wat happened to the weekenders cartoon. I liked it.

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