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Friday, August 14, 2009

you tube...

hello! me again, so I was watching this you tube video, about why there aren't any good "men" around, and the woman stated that if you are searching for something what can you bring to the table... if you want a person with money, and you're broke with bad credit, you aren't putting out those positive vibes to bring that person to you.

I truly agree with that, the company you keep speaks mountains of you and your character.. how you want things to be in your life, or the mate so to speak that you want, will show themselves when you make it possible for them to enter your life, so if you are around a bunch of negative people, that's the type of people that enter and stay in your life.

I think this woman was right, and if you keep a bunch of losers, then you will be a loser, you're going to date a loser, and have loser babies.. LOL.

strive for more people. lmao.

what do you bring to the table, what can you contribute to the "dream" person? can you hold your own weight? can you communicate? can you be selfless and considerate? just like you want them to be?

ask yourself that, and get back to me...

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