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Thursday, January 7, 2010

my sentiments exactly

it's almost been a year, and we ain't really changed, you left to hang out and do you, but shit don't feel the same, you saying you back you here, but I kinda feel like it's bullshit, cause if you were, this nigga would never be on your mind, he wouldn't have a special section on your page. I don't have a special section, and we done been thru a lot more.

you here, but you not, you say you wanna be friend, don't want a relationship right now, but come on man, im supposed to wait for you to make up your mind somehow? for you to realize that I am special to you.

mean while this shit is fuckin with my mental too,

bringing up trust issues.
cause I don't think any other bitch I could trust after this, yeah you say you left cause of the emotions, but at the end of the day you still left and you're going to do it again, if it's not for money, probably for some other man.

and im supposed to sit here and not even trip, but I can't help my feelings.


I don't want to be a casualty, a victim. I don't want to feel stupid, like damn, I loved her again. and she did the same shit. I don't feel like im run of the mill but I feel like you think I am, so Id rather go and not find out, that maybe I was right, or even see what this bullshit is about..

and that bothers me

cause I want to stay. I wanna look at you every day. but Something in my mind is saying don't trust it.... so should I say fuck it? I try to talk to you, but instead of you listening, its a problem. so now I feel alone. its 7:20 am and I don't feel normal in my own home. I just feel left out and lonely...

starting to feel like this love shit is really corny.

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