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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

love me long time.

so.. yeah what's up with this people liking me all of a sudden now that I have a girlfriend? the mami's wasn't checking for me before and now they saying shit like please give me another chance. and Im jus shocked by it. when I was there willing to put my all in to these shitty people hoping that they would love me back, it wasn't happening, and now you have a revelation?


but I also feel like maybe I am too nice sometimes, and that I have been taken advantage of. and I jus hope that someone will see that one day I am someone who deserves the same treatment that I give out. and maybe someone will realize that. but untill then I guess im jus gnna be chillin here.

the skinny girl means a lot, but idk if this is what she wants, sometimes....

Idk i jus feel like someitmes, i jus don't have it in me. my friend said to stop being so negative about love and all dat ... but idk

sometimes a person is nothing but their past encounters, and sometimes those encounters make you build walls, and forgive me for fighting you, but my heart isn't for sale, unless i find that you are deserving of that heart. yes, it's cold and unfiar, but sometimes, it's best....

the fucked up thing is, that I might miss out on my blessing trying to fix my heart. but Im workin on that, one day at a time, and she seems to want to work with me and help me help us, which in turn we are helping each other, which is a good thing. I have yet to get tired of hanging with her all the time, and that's a good thing, cause I have the shortest attention span ever...

I wanna doo it. LOL.

see that's exactly what I mean.. where did that come from.

so me an ryan started a new blog, called the nice guy vs. the jerk, and it's pretty much our point of veiw on life. lol. this should be intresting.

later days.

blahh goes the lioness.

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