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Thursday, April 9, 2009


so. things like the internet and such bother me.

why do you think I would be compelled to care about a status on myspace, facebook, or aol inst. messenger.

you would think that I know better and I do, but due to the hegemonic society.. I sometimes succomb to this, such as being bothered by statuses on any of the three things I forementioned.

I don't care for the most part, but it's unfortunate when you do. because to a person that is into all of these things, what you do speaks volumes about you and your character. for a person that spends hours at a time uploading countless photos and posting comments, and such, that would matter, but to me it doesn't and sometimes it does, it urked me a tad today, but...

my point is that if your world revolves around it, then it will be come a destruction, these sites are supposed to be hobbies, not an obession, and when you do feed in to the bullshit that is america's way of communication, then you fail. why would I care about that, yes, the internet tells you a lot of things, but it cannot tell me how I feel about "you"

If you feed in to the things that I guess people are into, then you are doomed to be forever sterotyped, and catergorized. peopole don't even write letters anymore. shit, I text my mom and she stays a floor below me. wtf?!??!? I have be come lazy in doing what I do to express myself and or even jus being vocal about my needs and or wants for my life. blah...

it seems as though I may want to delete this "sites" jus for my own good. shit.....

I really do like the way things are going...

blah goes the lioness.

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