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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

speakerboxx/love below

so prototype is playing on pandora. 2003 speakerboxx and the love below released. the love below, put andre 3000 as one of the best artists.. (to me) of all time, his whole album was very very of kilter and different, if you haven't bumped it, try "dracula's wedding", "pink and blue" and shit... jus the whole album... :)

sorry. it's been a while, but I have been busy living my life, and such, and kinda forgot about this outlet here, and picked up a nasty habit, smoking!!! ugh. but yesterday I quit, becasue it's not very becoming... and not good for me, someone special keeps saying that it's shortens 7 seconds of my life, everytime I smoke, so I gotta quit...

so lets play fast forward, my love life is pretty progressive, it's going well, my skinny girl is awesome, with her slight temper tantrums and such, but she's really sweet.. a bit of a brat but really sweet. we fall asleep on the fone together, and I think that I am in like.. lol. yah for me.. LOL.

but.. I am jus not sure about it, I sometimes feel like I don't know where I stand with her, because she doesn't express her emotions much, but is always telling me to shut up, idk, maybe i got it in the bag... but I seriously doubt it. so... blah whatever.. i guess one day at a time eh...

I do see it going somewhere far, and last week she told me that I am her girlfriend, so I guess that means i'm off the market.

Im done with college, and now Im jus working, we are supposed to go on a trip to nyc soon, me and her, and some friends.. but im not totally sure if that's gonna happen, my pockets are hurting something severe. sooo.. I might not even make it to ohio next week, even though I really wanna go.. but I doubt that I make it. idk.

I want a new cellphone badly.

imperfection: an imperfect detail; flaw: a law full of imperfections.

imperfections make you perfect. in a perfect world you would be you, with no quirks and or problems, but due to the world being imperfect you are imperfect. and with imperfections come lessons, and learning and true growth. and when you realize that you can't do everything and save everyone you realize that you are flawed bueatifully, and that whatever powers that be want you to be that way, and whatever and whomever you are into are going to love you for you. and should love you for you... If and only if you accept that you aren't goign to be able to save the world... because you can only take life one day at a time..

love. live. Life.

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