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Monday, March 9, 2009

long time no see..


what's up?

so it's been a while since I posted anything, due to my busy as a bee thing I have going on, but How are you? LOL.

anyways, so I think that I am doing well.. me and my sister talked today and she's not happy with school.. and to be honest, school isn't for everyone and even if she never went back she would still be my sister, and I still would love her, to no end....


so as of recently I have been putting myself out there, trying to see what's out there, and I met a few people, but it's kinda hard keeping so many conversations, up. I'm jus chillin right now, jus got friends and I like it like that, because to be honest I don't know what I want.. I jus know I want to be single for now, nobody hasn't caught my attention long enough, for me to want to be with them.... except.. well the girl in previous blogs, but right now I still care abt her, so it's not fair to benchmark other people due to how I feel about her, so I tell them I want to be friends, because that is what I want to be, and then if something develops then so be it..

I brought some fresh fresh dunks a while back, and I think imma wear them soon, I forgot about them, and some ups that I have.. maybe I'll wear them tommrrow..

I had a get together for my mom on friday, and hung out with some old and new friends, it's been a while since I could actually do that and I loved that everyone was there and was enjoying everyone's company...

I can't go back to sleep..ugh...

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