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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I really need to be sleep, my mom has surgery tommrow, or today cause it's like 3 am or something, idk, who keeps track of time. LOL.

I miss her so much, it bothers me that I miss her as much as I do, I think about her alot, and I jus kinda wanna forget that I do think about her, because if I can forget, then maybe it will be easier.... but I think I am handling the progression of whatever it is well...

been getting lots of love on DL. I wonder why????

I made some food, and didn't even eat it, now it's cold and I have a bump on my tounge, I hate when I get those... hey are those considered tounge pimples? LOL. Idk why I thought about that.

so I miss my homie shellie, she is a homie from way back like first grade back, and even when we were small she was gay, I mean it took me a long long time to get it, but that hoe knew right away. LOL. she used to have a crush on our fouth grade teacher, and speak about her all the time. LOL.

and in middle school we used to rap, and sing, and our fav song was killing me softly by the fugees, man we thought we was the shit.

hooked my wii back up, and since im jus an average joe now, I'm gonna buy games, and waste lots of time doing nothing but playin' my wii.

the heart is an entity in itself, it teaches you new things, and it's teaching me how to love, and be loved, teaching me how to be patient, to be kind, and learn from my previous mistakes, it's teaching me how to recover, how to be selfless, and honest, to be myself, because me in my purest forms, deserves to be loved too, teaching me how to care, and not be so gaurded. so please, for this next journey don't break my heart
-My love letter to my next girlfirend LOL.. If I ever get one-

I am so random, I just re read this and it's all over the place!

so I need to clean my room, but I am compelled to play manhunt 2, cause I can't get past the strip club place, cause IDK how to get in to the door that is gaurded, wtf... bitch open the door so I can win the game! LOL. Imma go buy the strategy guide soon.. LOL..

I like polka dots..

SO I have a wedding to go to soon, and I saw this pant and vest set at Ashley stewart, and I figure its steel grey so imma hit it with some color, maybe some yellow vans, or some royal blue ones, or even some green ones, and a silk scarf for the pocket and if i need one, a tie. maybe.. I wanna be sexy too, all the epps are going to be in their dresses, and well.. we know i'm not doing that, but I can get sexy in my own little way.

okay I wanna play my wii now. BYE.

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