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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

work of art.

My tattoo obession is beginning.... I want a few more tats...
because I told my homie

" the next time I take my clothes off, I wanna be a work of art.."

and I mean that..

I cannot wait to get this bills in order so that, I can jus get my tat game up, like I really wanna be able to be a work of art. and I feel like they are an expression of who you are as a person. and what you stand for...

my sister.

is the coolest, she gave me some money today, maybe she's growing up. I really appricate that she appricates me enough to help me when I need it.

I still wanna do it. LOL.
but I'll wait...

So she read my blogs yesterday, I wonder what she thought, I hope she don't think that I am crazy.. I just hope she realizes that I really love her, and could care less what anyone thinks... you're one of my best friends... I hope you know that...


well I don't think that I am crazy but I guess I am kinda.. some times... LOL..

I cleaned my room somewhat, and put all the sneakers back in the boxes... it looks good...

and I am not walking, but I am having a party of some sorts for my graduation.. wanna come???

I need a pedicure.


  1. well make sure u dont leave me out when u go for the tatts. and u already kno Im at that party lol. just tell me in advance.

  2. lol. you can come.. party over here! LOL


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