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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Fresh. Like fresh. Where do I begin. I'm annoying. Overwhelming. Overbearing. And an asshole. But you love me and I love you. I never mean for things to turn out this way. And I feel like I'm trapped too. I feel like if I let you breathe you're never gonna come back. And maybe. Just maybe. I really messed this up.a little disspointed but I guess I gotta suck it up. This shit sucks. I'm miserable. And now I don't get your hugs and kisses. I didn't give you space so I guess now the gap between us can't be closed. I wish it could be. I hope that you forgive me for talking too much. The words just spill out. I can't help what I feel. In my mind I know I should just shut up. But I get frantic I can't stand it. Like being on your SHIT list kills me. I know what I need to do. But I get so scared that I'm not enough for you. I get scared you will just replace me. I'm tired. Nobody has ever just loved me for me. But you do. Even tho I annoy the shit out of you. I know you love me. Cause you wouldn't put up with this. I know you love me and you shouldn't have to put up with this. Maybe one day you will understand. I don't mean to drive you crazy. Its just I don't think ill love some one this much again. You don't realize what you do even when I'm pissed I can't help but love you. I know it might be too late to fix it and I guess that's okay. But I hope one day. We can be okay.

I had to write it out. I'm tired. When I talk it comes out wrong so I had to write it.


Love you More than words could ever say. I hope you stay. Cause I'm not perfect. But you make me feel like amazingly perfect. Just by holding my hand. Goodnight.

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