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Saturday, October 3, 2009


whattt the fuck... so why the hell is everyone excited about my birthday but me? Like not at all enthused about it. and I always am. Maybe it's the stage of my life where Im just like whatever.


So I was reading honey mag... and MY wife... Solange was in it.. talking about why she cut her hair.. and I agree with it.. it's cool.

think about it ladies.. How much effort do you put into your hair?? spending hours in the hair shop, spending money on chemicals? I used to spend at least an hour on mine.... so since december, I have saved myself an hour a day. lol. that's a lot of free time, to take naps, watch tv, do stuff that you never had time to.. shit read a book...

it's a werid thing.. because not that I don't have hair, women are more apt to speak to me, and or approach me, but I am not what I would call a hardcore stud... I am just me, a 23 year old black woman.. when I used to approach women I would be intrested in they would instantly turn me down. but I still dress the same, but dont have any hair, and the reaction is wayyy different.

everyone is saying don't grow it back, but I really want to go completley natrual, like loc'n my hair.

I don't know but its kind of freeing to not have any hair, just get up and go, and scratch my head up and go.. lol. Im still sexy.. LOL.

bueaty is within the eye of the beholder, when you are hairless, there is nothing that you can hide.. my ears, my eyes, my scars are going to be 10 times more visible to the outer world, any insecurities will be pushed forward because now you have nothing to hide from...

but I think I made the right choice.. now what sits on my dresser isn't hair products.. but just a brush and some oil for when i get flaky..LOL

think about it, what would you be without your hair?

Latley... I have been feeling really lonley.. I don't know if it's due to the personal issues I am having or just a need that needs to be fufilled... Like I want to cuddle, and jus be up under someone.. I know that it probally won't happen.. but hey.. we all have needs...

I can't wait untill the end of october, I get to see my sorors! all of them.. a whole weekend of just my ladies... just chillin and talking to eachother, I havent seen my line sisters in over a year... let alone met most of the sorors.. so this will be a great opprotunity for me... I need a vacation anyways.

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