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Friday, November 13, 2009

My theory

My theory.. Is that, nice guys will never be anything to whom they truly want..

Why, because you are overlooked on a constant basis...

You dont matter, your feelings dont matter, you are important when someone is having a crisis...


It doesnt matter how you feel, just them.. Cause thats what youre here for..

I understand this because i am this, yeeep, the nice guy, the one who never gets the girl because the whore/ jerk is way more appealing to her...because women prefer to be treated with insignificance, because it makes them feel significant....

And from a nice guys veiw, it bothers me, it makes me feel less than.

Like why am i good to wipe tears? But nothing else?

I guess...

Why care, or even worry about the next when im sure they never really cared or will never worry about me?

Why does it matter at all?

Blah, why does it matterrrrr.. At alll...

Im feeling truly conflicted guys.. Like help me out with this, am i going to ever be able to just care without being portrayed as "soft" or a "pushover" ? I am a grown woman, i stand on my own two feet, like why wouldnt a person want to be with someone who cares about them enough to do little things, i got my own money, so im not worried about that, why wouldnt you want someone who puts your needs and your relationship first?

Maybe i am jus bad luck..

I know all of this cant be all my damn fault. Lol. But i guesssssss...

Im learning, but i really think this is changing my outlook on women in general.. And not in a good way.

Now im scared.. That nobody is going to like that part of me. So i end up staying super gaurded, because everytime i let my gaurd down, i feel like im being slapped in the face... And i really need to protect my face. lmaooo.

Thats it for now dudes and dudettes. Lol

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  1. you are so much more than that! I already told you that. So don't believe that. Yes it is true though, females do tend to want the "bad ass" more than the "good guy". But me, ill take the good guy before i deal with the bad ass. Because in the end, who is the one that i know will treat me how i want to be treated? :] rather corny or not. lol and i dont believe you're that, but still.

    your superwoman is on her way to say you ;]



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