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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NO celings!

yep. it's been on repeat...

but, my favorite song is "single"

because I jus feel that shit... like really... he put between a rock and a hard place... shit's crazy

"she text me all day and night, so pissed of she ain't spellin shit right, I text her back , and tell her it's life"

just some shit, is stupid to me, and now I look at things like , ha that was a joke... lmao.

Im starting to feel some type of way about relationships, girls like jerks, and when im not a jerk it never goes well...

women are trifilin... lol. I have encountered in like three weeks, the most questionable women ever. shit period. lol.

but im learning how to weed out the bullshit, filter the noise, and just do me... :)

I had a wonderful birrthhdayyy...

"I ain't trippin of nothin, Im sippin somethin' and homeboy said he got a bad btch for me.... ifff yaaa singgglllee puttt yahh handdds up" lol.

have a good day bastards.

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