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Saturday, November 14, 2009

promises promises...

why do we make promises? lol. I mean I try to keep my word, because as a woman I feel like you should stick to whatever you said you were going to do period. I don't like being let down so why should I let others down?

promises are a werid thing, for someone to PROMISE you something is like giving a person a million dollars, and then taking it away when the promise isn't fufilled... it's strange in that way.

promises are deal breakers... promises aren't for pessmistic people. but if you were promised something, you always look forward to it, and I think it's time for me to stop promising anything to anyone, because nobody makes promises to me...

relationships period, even down to the most insignificant ones are hard to deciper bullshit from the real....

"she who cares the least runs the relationship"

blah. so what do you think of promises?

I have a love hate relationship with them. the only person who has promised me anything and has always done it, is my mother... she's the best.

but on another note, im thinking about becoming a vegeterian again, and growing my hair back. lol. boy, i don't think im ready for that akward stage that is natural hair...

i really want it back for some reason. i don't know why...

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