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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

some people prefer...


I never thought about it.

but they do..

some women would prefer for me to treat them like shit, than for me to be able to be myself... I noticed that.. when I decide I want to be werid ol' me... it back fires.. when i say words like "stoked" they laugh. when i wanna treat them like they mean something to me, they give me they ass to kiss. so i truthfully feel like nobody is going to be okay with me and who i am.

but when i be like bitch shut the fuck up. they love it. lol.

sigh. women...

but.. im feeling good today...

someone sent me a random text.. and i haven't been feeling...the greatest with some things, but I recived a text that made me feel like a million stacks man...

I forgot...

like really forgot.. that theres a million fishes in the sea..

i don't need you and you don't need me..

Like i had noooo idea, i still have the love bug symptoms, but, now I see them... I never saw them...this shit is crazyyyyyy.... But everything happens for a reason, and sometimes shit just aint meant to be understood... You jus gotta keep it pushiiinnnn..


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