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Monday, November 2, 2009

an open letter to love.

dear love,

thanks.. for making me see, what it is that you mean to me, but I got some questions for you, because I really don't understand what you do..

why do i feel this way, when you were taken away?
I mean Im here feeling the same, but well, love you done switched up the game, i thought that I could do it, just go on and be on my merry way, but love you playing games that aren't okay..

why do I feel like this, why do i miss what love gives, I never been one to care, and now i jus feel totally unprepared...


can you just awnser me please? just tell me why I always feel shortchanged... why my feelings always remain, and why im always left alone. what am I doing wrong for this problem to occur..

Love if you just let me be loved, then I might be okay, but love you don't want it that way.. love... you make me upset, and make me wish that I could have never met.. a person who brought you to my life..

love, you make me feel inadequate, insecure, and just sad...

not saying that you always did that, but now I am dealing with your aftermath...

love why do I feel some way, I just want this to go away.... love, why won't you fix me.. cause I really need to get rid of our bad history.. Love.. if you could just wipe what you did away... I would be okay.. but you're all I think about...

why you came and bit me??

why you give me the love bug? why not give it to someone who could be loved back? or give it away to someone who knows how to receive this gift and not feel as though it was a curse, because you love.. make me feel cursed...

Ill be 24 on Saturday, and all I want for my birthday is to get rid of you.. LOVE i don't want to love you... love.. just leave me alone, I was fine before you came, and now love you make me absolutely in-fuckin-sane.

so love for my birthday all I want is to be let go of, maybe one day I'll come back , but truthfully the way that I feel ... I doubt that, I don't want you to make an impact on me any more...

I just want to be love free, so please love can you just set me free...


Sharda' Latrise Beverly.

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