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Monday, January 12, 2009


sooo.. yeah big love came on today, I missed it..... so now I am up, watching it...

SO I listened to slow jams all day and was very very productive at work, i'm proud of myself!!!

sometimes I wish i had someone to call and say : "hey bae! I finished this and that at work, and this and that..."

or crawl in the bed and drop a few forehead kissess and catch some body heat...

"stupid cupid stop picking on me" LOL.

SO i think That I am a visual learner, if you don't know there are three types, visual , kinestetic ( doing or repition) and auditory... well actually I did a project on it, and it was awesome i got a good grade on it...

I still miss her.. but I don't miss her... but hey I don't know what I wanna do with myself half of the time.. blah blah blah...

off too bed.. got mucho shit todo

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  1. I have never watched an episode of Big love, but im watchin this really long ass commercial 4 it as i type here. And i have gathered some interest in watching it now lol. All i knew b4 this commercial was that the dude has like 2 entirely separate families. And what seems like maddd kids lol. Spreadin that seeddddddd lol


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