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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sometimes things can be taken outta context. Someone says something and their feelings get hurt or just something blowin outta porportion.

I had this friend. Idk maybe I can call her that we used to be supa cool and somethings were taken outta context and we actually hung out today.. we haven't hung out since like ocotber, but it jus reminded me on how cool she was.. but at the same time I feel like I should be cautious.... I never have been one to talk shit behind a persons back. And I hate that ppl do that. And I am one of those people if I sense slightly.. that ur on sum bullshit.. I leave it alone. I either take something head on or avoid it. And it's crazy... it's jus how I am. I don't like to argue....

But anyway

Love is love..

So I was on downelink and encountered a transgendered "woman" who was into women, and she was absloutley bueatifu and looked as if she was a woman. I think that I an a pansexual, or maybe not, I just find it intresting and she seems cool, I haven't actually like spoken to her, but I looked at her's and a few other of her friends profiles that are transgendered as well..... I am attracted to people or jus love people.. I am intrigued by the transgendered culture.. and the aspevt of being one gender and mentally feeling or identifying with another. I want to get to know her cause I can learn from her.. cause I think that is awsome if I can learn anything from anyone... I wanna be around you. That's why I love my OEPi..cause they teach me something new everyday!

Ahhh.. the life of an epp.. fantastic...

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