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Monday, January 19, 2009

THe reasons RIKO don't like you...

Riko don't like you, cause he knows that Sharda' is emotionally connected to you...
Riko don't like you cause he knows Sharda' is always gonna love you, and is in fact in love with you.
Riko don't like you because he knows Sharda' could be doing GOd knows what with whomever she chooses, but Sharda' would rather be on the phone and deal with you..

When Riko knows there's a slew in line... And Sharda' well she just want's to be with you...

the unfortunate thing about that is that I reived the prettiest girl in the world sydrome with you... and now I can't get rid of it.. but I am working on it, and the more that I push away, I think the more that I end up finding out that you are where I want to be..... but unfortunaltey the feeling isn't mutual, so I will let riko continue to hate you.. and try not to think about you much... LOL....

blahh goes the Lioness...


  1. shorty is your Visa... cuz she is everywhere you wanna be lol. The pretty ones always are. And THANK YOU for the love, my Lioness... lol

  2. lolololol at Ryan's bomb ass visa joke. I say that all the time but not in that context. bravo. darn us pretty ones. lolololol. yes i did.

  3. yes rachel. damn you pretty ones, with off beat souls and different aspects to life... who love sweatpants, and messy hair... the ones who love thier kids and have big hearts... damn you women who look good fresh outta the bed... and smiles that light up bright nights.. yep damn you guys

  4. damnnnnnnn sweats! lol why go out when i can jus see her sashayin around n those pants? the best.


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