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Thursday, January 15, 2009

bop and sway.

so as I bop and sway to songs on pandora.. I am thinking about so many things...

so how bout i haven't spoken to her in a while, she hasn't even crossed my mind like dat...

trickin is overrated....

so my friends are mad at me cause I feel like i shouldn't have to pay for shit. I mean it's 2009 and it's not like I don't got it cause do i just feel like so much shit is based on material things. and Yeah i'm fresh but how bout you dig the mind and what that has to offer before you dig in my

so I had the coolest convo with a internet friend, and i think she's gonna be a regular friend. she seems super cool.. now I have always had an issue about internet friends cause they always end up being weirdos or crazy.. but ehh.. everyone is a lil crazy.... but well see how it develops... so far so good....

My name is sharda'

shar-dayyy, not sharduuuh. shawndra. sharda' sometimes I like duh cause it jus sounds good, cause everyone says sharduh so i adapted it that, but if you're not calling me that then your ass should be calling me sharda'

omg chocolate women, I have an obsession with chocolate women, tweet is so dark, and kelly rowland's skin is wonderful, I just like women, big booty judy was pretty too.. and so is LJ. well they both are still kato-mate.. lmao.

so I have come to the conclusion that my car, thomas, is on its way out the door. i gotta get him fixed, he's the only man I love deeply and fuck with on the regular. lmao..

I wanna color. I need new crayons.



  1. normal x 20 = crazy. So you figure in every 20 people there may be a crazy one.

    I remember having friends I met directly and exclusively through AIM. How fun it was talking online. Then how awkward it felt when it seemed like they spent all day waiting for me to come online or just get back from being idle. How weird it was when they'd already be talking to me before I even realized they were online. The ones who hid their availability so I wouldn't know they were online and as soon as I signed on they'd popped up like "Heeeeeeeeey, are you avoiding me?".

    I also remember that funny feeling I'd get right after I realized "holy crap I need to block this person. They're getting a little too crazy for my taste." Then wondering if they could see that they were blocked. LOL. Ah AIM.

  2. u sound like me wit that "i just like women" lol.


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