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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my achy breaky heart

Something says keep talking to you and stay cause maybe one day you'll realized that I am 1A.

but I mean maybe not, I mean, I don't know what and when it happend but I am for sure that you mean the world to me, and it sucks cause I don't know what to do about it, and I understand your reasons, and at the same time, your reasons are superfical and lame, you can see how I feel...

but then again maybe that's not enough... man I asked you to be my valentine... cause I really want you to be my valentine..

I jus am one of those people who don't do emotions well and not that I am a huge amount of these emotions, I don't do well. I don't like this, I don't like that she can affect my mood like this, and for the most part when and if something such as MY feelings get this heavy, I tend to leave or find a reason and break it off. but I decidied to stick this one through, and maybe this was one I shoulda left alone a long time ago, and I only have my self to blame for this, but hey.. I guess that's what you get when ur a sucka for love ((danity kane plays)) LOL.

and on top of that..

I think I am still having bestie issues.. I don't know why and what it is but it just don't feel right. I mean I love my bestie to death and maybe it's just the lines of communication are fucked up.. Idk but I don't think I realized till today how sensitive I really am, yeah, I front like I'm a tough guy but I really am sensitive, a lot of shit people say to me bothers me alot, but I don't let them know. but yeah I am a big softee. lol.

My big heart can't take heartbreak, and sometimes I just feel like too many people need to be loved, and maybe I can help them..

ALONE time.
I have been craving this, and today I got it, I wasn't feeling well so I didn't go to work, it's been really cold and my ashthma has been buggin the heck out. so I stayed in and layed down all day and go some sort of rest in hopes that the old man nasty cough would go the heck away, it didn't but I do feel alot better. maybe it was just time for a mental health day.

double kisses.. ohh it was tap your neighbor tuesday yesterday

do you know who BSCOTT Ishhhh???? OMG I love himmmm... please check him out.. LOL.

I'm in lovveee with a stipper...

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