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Sunday, December 14, 2008

12:52 pm

The jetsons woke me up today, and I watched astonished that somehow someone thought that the future would be like that. It was a bit nostalgic and reminded me of being 12 and waking up to saturday cartoons, ah 12, before my period, before, boys or girls, and before you realized that you could feel anything besides happy.... when I played basketball all day, and didn't notice that girls were attractive, just played my super ninteindo all day, and watched speed racer like it was the onlything on t.v. ...ahhh those were the days.

So yeah, I am sitting here eating chicken fingers, and uh first, I am NOT supposed to be doing that, I was a vegeterian for super long time, and then had to quit for "esoteric" reasons. LOL.. (((shout out to Fall 08' Celestial R.I.S.E.))) love you beeches.. LOL.

SO I missed the T.I. concert yesterday, smh. I really really love HIM. Like he's such a thug, and we the same height! LOL. Napoleon complex ? maybe. But truly I love him, because he is a thug and he is what most sterotypes says he shouldn't be. because he sold drugs, he should be in jail, and has a buncha kids, he shouldnt be a good father, but despite the sterotypes, he has created jobs in his hometown, due to his construction company, and he has five wonderful kids that he is taking care of. It just makes me happy and to see that people can see more than the perpetuation of a sterotype.

I think i'm In Love with my RADIO.....

So I was driving to get gas after work, at like 2 am, and the radio was playing, and it made me a lil sad, then I put Solange, and the Hadley street dreams in, and was good. I really really am a firm believer that music changes your mood, I usually at the end of my work nights, cruise for about an hour just riding clearing my mind, and then go home, shower and sleep. But yesterday I was singing and dancing in the car, and it made me feel great.

Chipotle receipt??

why evertime i turn around, she be on my mind. so im diggin thru my pockets looking for my work keys, and I find a chipotle receipt. 11/26/08 7:29 pm is the first thing that I read. why first of all haven't i worn this vest since then, and why the hell are all my receipts from that trip in one SPECIFIC pocket. LOL. what the hell.. 21.44 cents. but yo. them tacos were good as heck.
So i started to text her like ahhh i got the chipotle receipt, but no mam. I decied that i'm not going to stalk her. LOL. and call numerous times and plead my case today... when she wants to talk to me she will.. but if we both being stubborn, we might not ever talk again.. shit.... :( I do miss her tho. she don't wake me up in the morning anymore. :( ...but I guess the universe is saying it's a no go on us? who knows, I don't wanna give my self a headache.

ahahhahha... see you tommrow i guess... keep reading.


  1. isn't the jetsons based in like 2010? That's crazy. My car don't fly. That's for damn sure. Barely drives. Mo just told me Rochester did TI mad dirty at the concert. Musi got messed up, they started closing up as he was performing. Stupid Rochester. He ain't never coming back. It's funny how at the times when it's the hardest to keep thinking about people who have gone that's when things keep popping up to remind you of them. I say wait it out. People never know what they're missing out on until they take it for granted. It sounds like you've been trying to get back to her and she isn't being open to it. She'll see. They always do.

  2. lol. yeah if things werent complicated we wouldnt like it. or we wouldnt even want to be around it... right.. and really i am at that stage where... maybe one day ill understand.. but i never understood why the heart or the mind is never in sync... they never agree with anything they are saying to eachother.. if you follow your heart your mind may not like it. but hey.. life's all one big experiment right???

  3. trial and error, baby. Nothing like it.


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