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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Return of Riko Suave?

Well for all of you who don't know..LOL..

I have an alter ego.. HIS name is Riko... Suave.. LOL.

he's pretty foul.. very smug, and very cocky.. I don't like him much. but for the most part, when he does come out, he gets results. LOL.

I thought my boo had killed him, well she did.. FORREAL.. cause she dont even know how I feel about her pint size self.. maybe one day shell read the blog.. maybe one day she'll be like, : "hey lets be eachother's boos" I doubt it....but since the boo ain't loving me.. I think he's trying to return.... and when he does. he usually ruins a lot of shit. lol.. well he definitley... be on some next shit tho..

we'll see how that works out..

so no cartoons today.. as of yet.. but I do wanna chill wit mii peeps... maybe drink and laugh with's saturday! ya kno? so now it's mad early in the morning and im drinking ginger ale, thinking about cooking some fish, I think imma start my vegeterianism about now. ooohh how that fish yesterday was the LOVE OF MY DREAMS.. lmaoo ((HEEEYYYY ryan))

oh shout out to my avid reader... Rachel Caprice... thanks yo.

love you ten times infinity.....I know random. but hey it's how I feel... maybe one day she'll be like I love you back.

ooohhh so yeah.. I wanna mention my wing man.. L-Jizzle. LOL. I hate her.. LOL. but the friendship is an indescribable weird one... and I love it.... we gnna be bffl's for life.. lol. she's my dude yo.. even tho I don't like her all the time.. but hey I don't like myself sometimes... so oh well.. I guess I better start telling people that she's my friend now. lol. cause it's clear she's not going anywhere. LOL

so yeah my tummy is like ready to eat.. I think imma go down stairs and cook me sumthin to eat..

later dayzzzz...

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  1. I'm glad this comment didn't post the first time I tried it because I would have forgotten to tell you how cool the name Riko Scave is. I love that song. Rrrrrricooooooooo Suuuuuaaaaveeeeee. Oo La La Sazon.

    Shouts out to ME! YEAH! Also I don't think avid is a strong enough word cuz I pretty much wake up and check facebook, then I'm right here checking the blog. I'm all over it. Where'd you get that fish from? Jess comes home today. She's here for a little while. We should chill.


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