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Saturday, December 27, 2008

She not crazy, she jus wanna be loved..

**sorry about the laziness on the blog posts. I been busy, and kinda "into my feelings"**

tally hooo! on to the good shit

yeah.. I say that all the time, the ironic thing about love is that it does make you CRAZY! the things you do for your heart are crazy, sometimes you go above and beyond, any and everthing to make someone happy.. just because it makes your heart happy... where insecurities lie, there always seems to be problems, there always seems to be an issue and or unawnsered questions that you may never get awnsered.

People just... wanna be loved... and some people will go beyond the ends of earth to feel loved.... so sometimes, you just do stupid shit, and it makes no sense to anyone but you... you begin to relate to songs that used to make no sense to you....

but i think everyone needs to be loved, not just me you , or she, he needs to be loved too..

one of the biggest armors that you can carry is the sheild to your heart, and if you give it away then someone knows your weaknesses, your insecurities. and what could possibly break your spirit and crush you heart.

things make life easier, and somethings make life worth living, and I honestly feel like life without people that genuinely love you for you, is worthless...

AL Green makes me smile, reminds me of slow dancing in the living room with a boo... LOL.. everyone should try it..

lemme know how it turns out....

I have come to the conculsion, that I need more attention that I let on.. LOL. and that I am truly a fucking brat..

"MAybe she WAs into HEr feelinGS"
emotions are a hard thing to control.. and for a person like me, it's hard to not wear them on your sleeve.. and it's hard not to push someone away cause of my insecurities...and or issues... sometimes you wonder, if youre good enough or if you are tuly being blessed with the people that encounter your life....

so I was on the fone with a friend, and she was mad cause i didn't remeber a particular event, and I am really confused by this, cause she said: " you calimed to like me sooo much but couldn't remeber"

um, just because i forgot never means I forgot about MY feelings for you, cause she know and I know that I did truly care for her...

who the fuck has a perfect memory...

why you trippin we was done four months ago, and when we were done, you choose and told me, that you didn't want to speak to me anymore, and you choose to contact me so what the fuck.. bitch...

you're crazy

That's why WE don't speak

so that's my list.

Drake... is the best artist ever, him and TREY.. make great things happen...

emotional. mess.

see you tommrrow

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