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Monday, December 29, 2008


So I don't have that many friends. and the few that I do have, I really care about, and as of recently me and my bestie have been getting in to it. Idk why, but I really do care, she was the first person to even know about my sexuality, LOL. the trips to buffalo, and the first girl I ever liked.. I miss those days, and to be honest, I miss her, a lot has changed in the past few years, and I hope that we havent changed that much for us to not be friends anymore, I just signed on to myspace... and saw her status.. and it evoked a new wave of emotion, I don't have new friends or replace the old ones, but I feel like I'm gonna be replaced soon.. and that's gonna suck, I just am not sure what to do, and I am trying to explain how and what I am doing, but for some reason.. I don't know what to do anymore, I feel like by now, she should know how much our friendship means to me, but then again,maybe I am not what she needs right now, in a friend.. but who knows maybe I'm not a good friend in general. this sucks. blah.

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