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Thursday, December 18, 2008

7:27 pm

soooo.. I missed the morning blog, I failed the test... I think... and now I am at work... bored... so I have some spare time so imma write...

first. lemme say.. these chicken fingers taste like ass...

second... no wake up call today.. and a littany of other things made me a lil sad... but I got a christmas card from myyyyyy SOORORRRRSSSSSS. YEAHHHH... MY SEXYYY SORROOORRRRRSSSSSSS!!! lol.. eeeeeeeeeeee-pppppiiiii! OMG I miss them alot alot.

soooo...I been getting rave reveiws on the brush cut... lol. the mami's like what dey see... I guess... LOL.

um... soooo... for the past few days my past has been deciding that it wants to pop back in. and apparently today, another one decided...They wanted to say hi.


SO I found another word... that I am in love with

Inherent: \In*her"ent\, a. [L. inhaerens, -entis, p. pr. of inhaerere: cf. F. inh['e]rent. See Inhere.]
1.Permanently existing in something
2. inseparably attached or connected
3. naturally pertaining to

Have you ever been compelled to just do something? or just feel like something is natural? just something that you never think about just do. Yeah... I like this word.. I think imma use it often..

Like late night texts pouring your heart out. LOL. S-F-L. no bueno. LOL.

yogi bear is a crook... why he always stealing someone picinic basket? LOL

so that's it for now... hugs and forehead kisses.


  1. Seriously, I'm worried about the amount of time you spend watching old school ass artoons. It seems to be some inherent need of yours and I'm a little unsure of the healthiness of your actions. These cartoons seem to be taking over your life and you don't even realize. It's all you ever talk about. You know what my biggest fear in life is? Well I'll tell you. I fear that one day it'll be YOU wearing nothing but a small hat and scarf roaming through the park talking of how hungry you are. What should you find but a basket...a pic-i-nic basket. So you steal it. And then you're in jail. How will I explain that to all of the people who are sure to ask me? I assume. Although I'm sure they'd probably go to someone you chill with more often. But I know I'd be he first to tell Jessica. Well, if Ryan doesn't first. IDK. Just be careful son.

  2. i fucks wit you. LMAO.... we gotta chill more often..

    call me hoe! LOL.


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