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Thursday, December 25, 2008

drinking my emotions.

SO does anyone else do this?

when they are having a weird day they might drink or now. I am super buzzed on bacardi, and trying hard to make sure my grammar is on point. I really really really got a lot on my mind, and I can see how people self medicate, sometimes, you just don't wanna talk, and or think that someone cannot understand,and or just don't wanna bring anyone down with your "problems".

but yeah. so I am watching boys don't cry... and this movie is sooo sad, it's crazy. Idk how hillary swank did this, she is so adrogenous.

I went to denny's today, and it's werid.. she's cool.. but idk, friendship is what I need right about now...

SO I need to bring the new year in right.... I gotta clean up. ttyl.

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