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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not going down without a fight..

SO.... what's up with ex-boyfriends trying to contact me all week.. SO I talked to this ex, who seemed like he was super awsome.. and he wasn't. and this was soo long ago and during this point in time, I wasn't sure about my sexuality. but he was just someone who was like kinda the perfect critera so it seemed right or fitting to date him... and I haven't spoken to him in a long time, like a really really long time, and he contacted me today, and I talked to him, and he told him about how I really like someone, and she's a girl. and he was kinda bummed, and said that I was his soulmate. and he's sorry for me doing him like that, and he was really into himself. but....

I do not care.

I am one of those people when I am done, I am done, I'm not moving backward. and i don't feel bad about anything. that happens after, because when i was there, I promise that I do try.. hence I keep trying with this girl. Cause I really want her to know that I truly care, and she means the absolute world to me...people miss what they had.. and you know I was good to you...

but um... I am watching the flinstones today... and I am really worried. about this test tommrow, I have no urge to friggin study at all. but Imma start reading soon. but the finstones just came on.. so idk I might just sit here and watch that. their kids are super cute.

I need to find somewhere to go for new years... I have a few locations in mind. but I am not sure. I am kinda broke tho. but the bus is always super cheap.... so imma see how it goes. I wonder who I want to visit... school starts back up on the fifth so idk.. i gotta figure it out soon tho..

so lets talk about the last girl that I loved...She's kinda a little bit of a jerk, she doesn't have much of a consiecne and i don't like that, but I really think we might be better as friends. maybe. we still speak, because we share a mutual activity so I am always running in to her. so I hope that maybe we can be friends....

my new years resoultion, is no girls, no meat, no cursing, and nothing negative, so that I am blessed with all positive, I even cut my hair, no perms... just me natural me, hopefully it will be long enough to loc up soon.

sooooo i want some more gshock watches, i absloutley love my gshocks, they are always one of a kind, and bangin! I want the recon joint from japan.. there is a store in atlanta that i been dying to go to. hopefully I can get there soon and buy em all up.

11:49pm ****edit****

So I am eating, a sub.. yep a turkey sub.. and I am supremely bored... We are done with the stuff at work, and when I get bored, my mind wanders, and when it wanders.... oh boy. so many things pop. up...

Noun, Adjective, meaning:
1. penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding: a profound thinker.
2. originating in or penetrating to the depths of one's being; profound grief.
3. being or going far beneath what is superficial, external, or obvious: profound insight.
4. of deep meaning; of great and broadly inclusive significance: a profound book.
5. pervasive or intense; thorough; complete: a profound silence.
6. extending, situated, or originating far down, or far beneath the surface: the profound depths of the ocean.

I love this word. this word means more than anyone can imagine to me. I find it captivating, because words, you remeber forever. words stick to your soul, like grits stick to your gramma's pot on a sunday morning.this word, makes me think of something that is reachable, but difficult. but sometimes, that journey that you take, makes you appriciate the things that are given to you, because in the end you are truly blessed with reciving these gifts.and as of recently i have been profoundly ungrateful of the wonderful things and people that I have in my life, each person, brings a different aspect of my life in to perspective. Each person makes me smile, each person does what the others can't and I hope you all stay for a while, I hope that we learn from each other and build something concrete,cause you are profoundly where I would like to be.....

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  1. Profound is a great word. I love this blog. continue to write b/c i like reading all the random thoughts and it also makes me think. So thanx :-)


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